The Structure

To become an essential, national organization that serves as a vital communications link and unifying force for American Families and their communities, providing a platform from which to unite, strengthen, protect, support, and empower our nation s most valuable resources - American Families and their communities - "Building a better Nation, One Family at a Time."

Organizational Structure

The Neighbors Uniting American Families is just that, neighbors and their families all uniting for a common cause and each other. Better stated, it is a national network of interdependent neighborhood family organizations. Many of us have discovered that when it comes to those aspects of life outside of our own homes, acting alone, we have little power.

One person cannot maintain a whole block. One parent cannot assure quality schools for our children's education. Nor, can one person beneficially affect our governmental system for social change. There are countless social service agencies, both public and private, yet in our neighborhoods there is still need. Oftentimes one person can't even effectively connect his or her family's needs with the services available.

In light of these complex circumstances, we have developed this detailed yet simple structure of citizen stewardship, information, education, communication

Because the populations of state legislative districts are constant in every state of the country, we have chosen the state legislative district as the central unit of our Neighborhood Chapter structure. Our action plan will establish a Neighborhood  Chapter of Neighbors Uniting American Families in every state legislative district of the country.

For example the 203 state legislative districts in Pennsylvania will have an NUAF Local Chapter in each.

The operational boundaries of each NUAF Neighborhood Chapter is identical to the area of representation outlined by that state legislative district be a uniform administrative structure staffed by community members to serve families. Each district will be divided into 42 sections.

Example the 182nd PA State Legislative District, or the PA 182nd NUAF Neighborhood Chapter District, is located in the city of Philadelphia. That district of the city is divided into 42 NUAF sections.

A chairperson chosen from each of the 42 sections of the NUAF Local Chapter District along with three officers, also designated from among the citizens of that district, a President Designated Organizer (PDO), Secretary-Treasurer, and a Recording Secretary comprise the 45 member Local Chapter Executive Board.

The NUAF Neighborhood Chapter Executive Board, through the cooperative efforts of the officers and sectional chairpersons, exercises the collective will of NUAF District member-families and manages all NUAF district-wide neighborhood affairs

Within the given section of each neighborhood, in addition to the sectional chairperson, a neighborhood steward will be assigned to advocate for every 20 families.

The backbone of the organization is established in efficient and effective systems of information, education, and timely communication.

The most important aspects of these systems are the relationships forged between the member-families, the sectional chairpersons, and the Neighborhood Chapter officers.

Without the foundation of these relationships the necessary free flowing systems of information, education, and timely communication are impossible.

Simply stated, to realize NUAF's intended mission of empowerment, equal opportunity, civic participation, and organized communities, we must get to know and work closely with our neighbors.


Foster friendships among the families you serve.
Develop a team spirit. When everyone works together we all succeed together.
Invite collective discussion for collective action.

Fight for what is right.
Think and act for the welfare of the entire group.
Act wisely, decisively, and promptly.
Discourage bickering and two-bit politics

Neighbors Uniting American Families strives to be different.

We are not a labor union.
We are not a club.
We are not an association.
We are not a lodge.
We are as the name suggests.

We are a collective action organization of families.
We are a family founded on the spirit of community enhancement and neighborhood service.

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